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Project Overview

Zealous, formerly Instigate Mobile, has evolved into a comprehensive software development firm within the Instigate ecosystem. With a potential merger on the horizon, the need for distinct brand identity became imperative.


Recognized for their dedication and disregard for superficial attributes, we developed a customized research toolkit to delve into both internal and external aspects of brand diagnostics. Internally, the focus was on uncovering strengths and weaknesses while illustrating the advantages of embracing change. Externally, the diagnostics emphasized the significance of cultivating a universally appealing culture while upholding and fortifying the core essence of Instigate Mobile and its employees.


While honoring the Armenian Engineering mindset as its foundation, Zealous recognized the imperative for modernization to thrive in the dynamic tech landscape. Drawing inspiration from the diverse cultural tapestry within the company, a novel approach to brand development emerged: crafting a new Order of Technology that blends existing strengths with innovative ideas and rituals.
Zealous became a rallying call for collective mobilization toward their purpose: secure Armenia. The future was reframed as an ongoing journey of improvement, symbolized by creative idea of “Destination:TMRW.” This unified vision fostered collaboration between engineers and non-engineers, emphasizing their shared contribution to shaping a better future. A human-centric approach guided these efforts, aligning with the company’s broader institutional vision.The brand prototype, rooted in camaraderie, facilitated a comprehensive 360-degree experience creation. Corporate rituals such as Armenian dances and intellectual games were augmented with gamification tools and initiation rituals.The growth strategy was redefined as “Expand & Fortify,” emphasizing the cultivation of robust teams over expanding branches. HR initiatives were overhauled, introducing innovations like “ZEAL MILES,” an employee loyalty program, and the establishment of a “CODE OF ARMS,” preserving ethical standards and cultural heritage in a codex.The name change to Zealous symbolized a reconnection with the company’s true essence, embracing a Stoic philosophy of embodying the vision. This belief in the transformative power of individuals to shape a better tomorrow remained at the heart of the company’s ethos.


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