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Project Overview

Tech Armenia is a cluster brand that represents the technology sector in Armenia. It’s a movement that encompasses, supports and leads various projects, social initiatives and events related to the tech industry in Armenia.


In this project we were faced with a monumental task of developing a cluster brand for the entire Armenian tech and innovation sector. The task was complicated by the existing communication noise of hundreds of IT companies and initiatives, pushing their own agenda. It was imperative to come up with a single big, well defined, truly Armenian narrative everyone can use along with their own message. One that can unify existing initiatives and serve as an inspiration for new ones.


We have developed a concept for the entire Armenian IT cluster that defines the Armenian way of thinking. The idea of “Perfect Asymmetry” that combines the human and the technological approach, the ability to be current and rooted in culture, creative and scientific. Within this narrative we have created verbal and visual constructs, communication strategy, as well as entire projects, designed to solidify the brand and promote Armenian IT sector locally and internationally. Armath and Digitech are signature examples of ArmTech’s cluster building initiatives.

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