Wise Duck



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Project Overview

Wise Duck, an upcoming wine restaurant nestled in
the heart of Minsk City, boasts an extensive array of international wines, promising an unparalleled
wine-centric experience.


Our task was to develop a brand for a wine restaurant located near a wine shop in Minsk. The objective was to create a space where patrons can enjoy a wide variety of wines, explore new selections, and have the option to purchase bottles from the adjacent shop. The restaurant was meant to exude sophistication while also serving as a welcoming environment for gatherings, where guests can indulge in wine and enjoy a complementary menu.


The solution to this challenge was the development of a comprehensive brand concept aptly named “signature sip ” embodying the essence of exceptional wines, expertise in wine appreciation, and a dedication to creating a memorable experience for visitors. At the heart of the concept lied the role of sommeliers, who serve as guides to the world of wine for guests.The brand name “Wise Duck”, chosen to reflect the concept idea is accompanied by the non-traditional verbal descriptor “chooses the red.” This choice of name and descriptor encapsulates the essence of the restaurant, telling the story of expertise and exploration through the selection of wines. The brand idea is meticulously reflected in every aspect of Wise Duck, from its menu concept to interior branding elements, such as signage, decor, and details, evoking a sense of sophistication and expertise and inviting guests to immerse themselves in the world of wine.

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