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Project Overview

Vivaro Media, founded in 2020, is Armenia’s premier sports-centered media platform, delivering unique viewing experience of sports and its own productions of documentaries and sports series.


With a commitment to revolutionizing sports viewing, Vivaro Media assembled a young, dynamic team to rethink content delivery. They aimed for vibrant discussions and expert panels over static news, aspiring to surpass conventional TV. The challenge was to forge a brand identity that reflected this bold ambition, transforming Vivaro Media into a lifestyle destination for sports enthusiasts, rather than merely a content provider.


Our approach stemmed from the understanding that while individuals have diverse preferences, the love for sports unites us all. Drawing parallels between Sports, Religion, and Theatre—each invoking intense physiological experiences—we aimed to tap into the profound connection between fans and sports.As traditional viewing habits evolve, the anticipation and intensity of the sports-fan relationship remain. We conceptualized Vivaro Media’s brand ideology around viewers as the “12th man” on the field, embodying the physiological intensity experienced while watching sports.Central to our brand identity was a custom typeface in Armenian, enhancing the platform’s resonance with the local fan base. This attention to detail deepened Vivaro Media’s connection with its audience, reflecting the shared passion for sports in every aspect of its branding.

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