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Project Overview

Vinci Agency is a well regarded communication group, famous for its expertise in supporting businesses in Russia and Asia.


The challenge of this project was the creation of a new, more precise and scalable identity for a successful business that has outgrown its initial setup and estimated brand presence. Built heavily on the reputation of its founders, Vinci needed tools to expand, create and support a philosophy that can be detached from its initial creators and become a recognizable culture for everyone who works with and for Vinci.


Inspired by Vinci’s unique ability to stay current but different, disruptive and creative, technologically savvy yet humane, we have developed a concept built on 3 pillars of their intrinsic capacity: People, Possibilities and Reach. Where “reach” plays a central role, but only after the situation has been measured, assessed and solutions have been found. Armed with the right tools, you can reach anything and anyone. That’s the simple truth that requires a lot of expertise to master. That’s the source of Vinci’s power and reputation. Foud, decoded, highlighted and framed.

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