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Project Overview

Tus is a line of classic and reserve wines from Tavush Province.


In 2018 we were approached by a company of wine makers with a full scope wine brand creation request. Foreseeing long evening talks over a bottle of pure encapsulated joy, we gladly accepted the project.
We went on a digital discovery tour getting to know our wine regions one by one: Armavir, Aragatsotn, Vayots Dzor, Ararat, Kotayq, Tavush, Artsakh. All collected data and insights from expert interviews led us to a conclusion that most companies in the market offer traditional experience within medium price range, and so there is a ready-to-enter niche and anticipation for something contemporary and conceptual.
Research showed that one of the main factors influencing the decision of the customer is the story behind the wine, the “truth” so to speak. And since Tavush as a winemaking region lacked a narrative as such, we figured TUS can be THE wine to tell it. 


Located in the north of Armenia, Tavush has always stood out with its rich traditions and uniqueness. Since ancient times, viticulture and wine-making were traditional occupations of the inhabitants of this region of historical Armenia. The common historical explanation suggests that TUS is the ancient Armenian name of Tavush province (up to 8th century).An ethnonym at first, TUS later became a toponym, and in the VIII-IX centuries it changed its pronunciation to Tavush, as we know it today. Till this very day “TUS” reminds us of its glorious past and successfully continues the centuries-old traditions of wine-making in Tavush.
Three letters to encapsulate the pure nature of Tavush, its people, its history, and that tingling sensation at the tip of your tongue you get from sipping crisp, clear wine that is made here.
Among many other name options, TUS came out as a winner. A simple, honest word and a great responsibility that carries the centuries old traditions of wine-making to our table and through generations to come.
This story demanded a visualization as authentic and touching as the product itself. Our art team came up with a solution to depict the real landscapes of the Tavush region where the wine starts its journey. Put together, all labels tell a single unique story, a story of one place, one journey, one wine.   We hope that each time you enjoy a glass of this wine you’ll hear this gentle whisper that calls you to relax, embrace, experience and love.
Like the whisper of the wind amidst softly swinging vines, or the gentle sound a leaf makes falling to the ground, like the pitter-patter of raindrops and the muffled humming of the mist that comes down the mountains to slowly fade in the morning sun. TUS

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