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Project Overview

Tiziano is a coffee & pastry shop chain, located in downtown Yerevan and known for its great brews and artsy pasties.


In 2013 we were approached by a group of experienced restaurateurs with a fascinating request to create a brand story and new visual identity for Tiziano’s to-go product line. The vision was to boost Tiziano’s take-out business for coffee and pastry and make the brand more engaging. Owners’ wish was to create an approachable story, that will allow people to become eager brand ambassadors and carriers. Create a culture where walking outside with that very special to-go coffee cup and pastry box would be considered a sign of impeccable taste and upscale lifestyle choices. Wishes were heard, challenge accepted and the project launched. We were also potential brand carriers, so we kept asking ourselves “what brings a person to the same coffee shop every morning?”. What is there to look forward to besides the smells and the tastes we like? Friendly familiar faces? Design and ambiance? There must be a higher purpose to that coffee and croissants. Something more than the simple satisfaction of our need for caffeine and energy in the morning. Thousands of questions and a story is hidden behind them.


The name “Tiziano” is given to the brand by its owner who was inspired by comforting and chic palettes of Titian’s paintings, so similar in their warmth and brilliance to a cup of freshly brewed Italian coffee. Art leads our search and art brought us to a conclusion that every day Tiziano’s skilled confectioners and baristas were creating masterpieces: exquisite pastries and beverages, unmatched in their taste and appearance. Looking at them as well as tasting them was an experience unlike any other. We came up with the brand concept of a Mood Factory. A place brimming with creativity, where every treat is a unique handmade offering, called into existence for the sole purpose of putting its consumer in his best mood. Washed in rich colors and smells of chocolate, coffee, fruits, and creams, the coffee shop is a charming and desired morning destination.Simply put, if done right, a cup of good coffee and fresh croissants can truly make your day. Sure, we can go on without them, but why would we? Why not make it a habit and start each morning with an amazing experience? The proposed concept fully reflected the owners’ values and basic principles. Cooperation was lasting and fruitful. It led to the creation of a new seasonal holiday packaging line. We hope that each time you walk by, see, smell or take a to-go set from Tiziano patisserie you get a charge of positive emotions that will help you get through the day.

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