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Project Overview

MAM is an educational platform meticulously curating programs to teach the next generation of Armenians worldwide not only to speak and write Armenian but also to cherish and embrace Armenian heritage, culture, and traditions.


In Armenian families abroad, foreign languages are becoming increasingly prevalent, posing a risk of diluting national identity over time. The challenge lay in transcending the realm of education to instill a communal ideology that would inspire families to prioritize this additional activity, recognizing its potential benefits for their children and the nation as a whole.


Language serves as a vessel for transmitting our deepest selves across generations. MAM embarked on a journey that went beyond language instruction, aiming to ignite an all-encompassing Armenian movement deeply resonant with the founders’ vision.The urgency for this project stemmed from the devastating effects of the Genocide, which severed Armenian families from their ancestral roots and homeland/motherland. Therefore, selecting the platform’s name was a crucial and intentional decision. “MAM” was chosen, symbolizing the mother as the primary educator, the language as the nurturing mother tongue, and the first word spoken by a child. This creative concept encapsulated a profound narrative of Spiritual Homecoming for Armenians worldwide, offering a sense of belonging and connection to their heritage.The concept of home was metaphorically depicted as a bridge connecting individuals not only with their past but also with generations to come, fostering a sense of continuity and belonging.This ideology drove the formation of a community—a movement—led by mothers as primary architects, exemplified by the “Recommended by Moms” campaign. This initiative mobilized prominent Armenian women worldwide in endorsing the platform and nurturing a collective commitment to preserving Armenian heritage and identity.

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