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Project Overview

Martiros Sarian House Museum, located inside Martiros Sarian’s former residence, celebrates the life, work and memory of one of Armenia’s most beloved painters.


By the initiative of our agency and a team who had art branding background and experience, the Ministry of Culture launched a series of projects on visual brand identity creation for Armenia’s most iconic museums. As true patriots of our country, we were saddened by how underestimated the power of good branding was when it came to showcasing Armenia’s cultural heritage.  Most public cultural institutions of the country haven’t updated their communication and visual styles for decades or rather, since the collapse of the Soviet Union.


This challenging project was given the green light and the work started. Speaking of mixing work with pleasure… this project was a true delight to dive into, to come so close to the world of the master.
The museum itself is a true gem, easily one of the most vibrant cultural centers in Yerevan. It is colorful, emotional and unique.
We spent many mornings and evenings sitting in the galleries, taking in the dreamy watercolors and dynamic brush strokes of oil paintings. But what influenced us and our work most was the character and personality of Sarian, preserved in his early sketches, letters and family photos.The main theme of the brand new identity is the colorful and unmistakable style inherent to Sarian’s paintings and the idea of precious emotions hidden deep within one’s heart.
The master’s signature itself became the museum’s logotype. His color palette, complemented by a yellow base, makes a sleek and recognizable combination.
Art branding has its own rules. It cannot speak louder than the world created by the artist. So we treaded lightly. Master’s signature colors: yellow, orange, blue, his sketches and writing. All this gave a very personal touch to the brand.
Step by step, layer by layer, we tried to achieve a balance between the bold recognizable color palette, Sarian’s signature and his iconic paintings.
Following the best traditions of European leading museums, an integral part of the project was the creation of souvenirs and merchandising materials. Pieces of Sarian’s art people can actually take home with them. This resulted in an exquisite line of magnets, postcards, scarves, bags. A real treat for both locals and tourists.
By the end of our project, museum management started renovation works, preparing to launch the new visual identity at the museum’s reopening.

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