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Project Overview

HighFest is an international performing Arts Festival held in Armenia every year since 2003.


HighFest has always been among those rare cases in Armenia where such ideas as a brand concept, creative communication integrated campaign, and ideas alike were not only acceptable and enjoyable but were generated, implemented, and maintained with big devotion and team effort. It was our pleasure to be part of this story.Each year HighFest implemented very memorable and artistic communication campaigns, but they never had a brand concept and identity to keep over the years. In 2013 HighFest president, our big friend Arthur Ghukasyan approached us with a request to create a brand core idea that would be the basis for future communications through upcoming years.Together with the HighFest team no other concept unless High Chemistry we could have ever created. Each time during our brainstorming or when recalling our emotions taking part in the festival each year it was something like physical attraction you do not always have a clear understanding of.


This brought us to the idea of imagining the world of theater as a unique form of a chemical process. Here you would need all the components with the right quantity and in the right combination to achieve the desired “chemical reaction.” With all due respect to Mendeleev, based on his sample of the periodic table we designed our own but instead of chemical particles, we had the emotions ones need to make the theater work: love, passion, action, imagination, dance, and many many more.
The brand platform and visual concept fully meet the semantic content and the format of the festival, which presents a variety of artistic genres: drama, comedy, dance, music, circus, street theater, puppet theater, and other forms of performing arts.Identity, verbalization, and design came out very playful, dynamic and were easily converted into wide merchandising.If you would have a chance to be in Yerevan during HighFest make sure you witness the festival of High Chemistry.

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