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Project Overview

”Hayrik” is a restaurant that serves Armenian cuisine in its modern interpretation, combining diverse cultural influences while staying true to Armenian traditions. The restaurant’s menu and ambiance reflect its historic background, Armenian dining culture and legendary heritage of the person it was dedicated to – famous Armenian soviet era chef Rubik Tovmasyan.


We were presented with a challenge of developing a concept for a restaurant that would honor the legacy of our client’s father – renowned soviet era chef, a pioneer of Armenian restaurant business. A man famous for his cheerful, generous, inventive nature, who loved cooking and treated everyone like family.


The concept emerged like a folk hero, encompassing the essence of a person loved and known by so many. “In touch with the roots, in tune with time”, the restaurant emanates warmth and familiarity. The name “Hayrik” (meaning “father” in Armenian) as well as its inviting interior, staff and unique menu, form the idea that walking the restaurant should feel like visiting a generous, hospitable friend, a real father figure, that will celebrate life with you, cook you a meal, tell you a joke and give you a hug if you need it.

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