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Project Overview

Globbing is an international shopping platform that made shopping online at American or European stores a viable possibility for people based in countries where shipping options are severely limited.


In 2015 we were approached by a disruptive US-based shopping start-up, operating in the US and European markets with a revolutionary task to create a new shopping culture that will break the limits and geographical boundaries. Something that will give people freedom to shop on their own terms. Challenge accepted. Our job was to create a lifestyle liberator brand ideology that makes all that the world has to offer easily available.


Since Globbing is an international project with a unique profile and revolutionary impact on the market, it required involvement of various international experts at different stages. A cross-cultural team worked on the project to create a locally recognized yet globally accepted brand identity. This was a new and challenging experience for us. It demanded a unique approach: create a type of story that will transform the new and somehow stressful experience of a searching-shopping- shipping to being fun and trustworthy. A story that will be charismatic and emotional. We realized that a brand mascot was needed. This is how George was born. A personality that visualized and concentrated all the unlimited opportunities that Globbing came to offer to the shoppers. We came up with brand identity, heavily supported by a corporate spokesperson. The choice of a mascot was anything but random. Giraffes are tall and kindhearted animals, seeing and reaching beyond the borders is in their nature. Unlike his comrades, George the Giraffe was special to have an extraordinary long neck with limitless possibilities. He’s smart, nimble, fun and nice to be around. He’s an opinion leader, very friendly and approachable, likes sharing good things with others. He knows the shortcuts and smart decisions come to him effortlessly. We were so obsessed with George that created his full biography. He has a PhD in “Shopping therapy” and works at Globbing as Chief Shopping Officer. He’s charismatic and supportive. He uses his long neck to overcome distances, help shoppers see and get what they want no matter how far and difficult to obtain it may seem. Along with being a part of the visual identity, the giraffe also opened many possibilities for gamification and functional use on the website. He was smart enough to act as the “customer support” and shoppers’ first contact in online space, making suggestions, consulting and advising, changing his appearance, clothes, making jokes for that “human touch” that will make him lovable and sociable. We hope that each time you see George and the brand world created around him you’ll feel right at home and will be completely taken over by his charming personality, preservatives. The apple, symbolizing love and the company’s first produce, was chosen to reimagine the essence of fresh produce beyond mere produce. reFEEL Stations – freshly squeezed juice machines – appeared in city streets and malls, promoting the ‘ME-TIME’ ideology. Gift baskets with fresh apple produce became a symbol of genuine love and care. The strategic restructuring organized the extensive product lines and paved the way for future initiatives. The brand architecture harmonized the mother brand while granting distinct identities to separate business ventures on shelves and in consumers’ hearts. “When you love someone, give them apples” became the guiding principle across all brand activities and initiatives.

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