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Project Overview

Flying Feet is the world’s first antigravity sock brand inspired by Armenian carpetmaking.


In 2019 we met an extraordinary person and photographer Daniel during a photo project and this meeting surprisingly turned into a wonderful brand story creation initiative. He was inspired to create a sock brand during a walk around the Vernissage, where old and new Armenian carpets and rugs were presented in a neglected way that did not do them justice. In truth, we were initially skeptical of the idea as there are many mediocre emerging fashion brands that simply expropriate symbols of national identity and integrate them into their brands without paying attention to their story, authenticity, and experience. That said we were happily surprised to see that we were both eager to create something authentic and unique. The “Feet into Roots” brand ideology was born out of the belief that being connected to one’s roots is not about being outdated, but resilient, improving, living in the moment, flying high – directly and metaphorically. This universal truth resonates strongly with Armenian DNA, in particular – self-identification with the land that granted Armenians with the ability to strive, fly, dream big, and achieve more. Flying Feet is a name that reflects this vision, showcasing a blend of contemporary fashion, lifestyle, and heritage. This required an extremely delicate approach, using a research methodology to understand carpet-making history, traditions, myths, legends, and fairy tales. The first layer of analysis focused on the ancient fairy tales and legends. This helped us discover the essence and interpretation of carpets in different cultures. There is a common trend to portray carpets as having magical powers that take the hero towards adventures.The next layer of research addressed carpet-weaving rituals. In technology-free ancient times, women carpet makers were viewed as true magicians – each carpet was a unique expression of their imagination take flight. Legend has it that the weaver was singing songs while working to breathe life and magical powers into their work. This very idea inspired us to record old Armenian songs in a contemporary interpretation and include the branded disk in a gift pack of socks, especially for Armenians living in the Diaspora.The final layer of research involved Armenian national dance, a key area of Armenian cultural heritage. Group dances are a reflection of the Armenian man – emotional but harsh, adhering to symbolic, strict movements. Dancers are united shoulder to shoulder, jumping up and landing with firmly grounded feet, feet connected to Mother Earth, to the Motherland.  After the name and the concept approval, the next challenge was to find a design signature to delicately blend Armenian spirit and contemporary fashion branding language. 


The product line design was diversified to include both a single-tone minimalistic sock line with an FF icon and a more saturated, carpet-inspired option with symbols integrated into the weave.The monochrome base for the brand identity was chosen deliberately to highlight the magical color palette of the socks. Hours spent in carpet-making workshops and national museums helped our design team to fully saturate the brand world with authentic colors all taken from real rug threads. ‘FF’ was flipped to become the iconic symbol of the brand -an illustration of bird wings and a referral to an ornament taken from a real carpet pattern. The iconic FF symbol was later incorporated in the product as a visualization of true flightThe phrase “Flying is the best walk” reflects the brand’s vision and motto. We hope, if you happen to wear Flying Feet socks, you will experience that flying is truly the best walk.

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