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Project Overview

Accelerate into a better future.


Evolving from a visionary journey, ArLeAM managed to embrace international distribution and consumption practices through European technologies. Yet, there was a need to make its vision more relatable to individuals and families consuming its produce.


The transformation involved a shift in perspective, shaping a narrative beyond mere food and beverages. ArLeAM redefined itself as a lifestyle brand, forging new narratives and influencing customer behaviors. It evolved into a brand that speaks about genuine creation as a manifestation of real love—free from additives, and preservatives. The apple, symbolizing love and the company’s first produce, was chosen to reimagine the essence of fresh produce beyond mere produce. reFEEL Stations – freshly squeezed juice machines – appeared in city streets and malls, promoting the ‘ME-TIME’ ideology. Gift baskets with fresh apple produce became a symbol of genuine love and care. The strategic restructuring organized the extensive product lines and paved the way for future initiatives. The brand architecture harmonized the mother brand while granting distinct identities to separate business ventures on shelves and in consumers’ hearts. “When you love someone, give them apples” became the guiding principle across all brand activities and initiatives.

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