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Project Overview

Electrodis is a breakthrough invention in wireless technology that transforms how the world functions.


In 2020 we were lucky to meet Jenan, the visionary behind Electrodis, who holds the United States Patent for her invention. She is a young woman fascinated by the world of technology to bring positive change to human lives; our meeting inspired us to team up for a brand story creation projectThe company has the vision to innovate wireless technologies that redefine how people connect, compute, and communicate. We started to explore to find the sweet spot where technology and human nature can meet. “Electrodis”  transmits electricity wirelessly for long distances. This is useful for charging and activating electronic devices without any wired connections. This transmitter contains only one copper coil and can couple and charge many electronic devices at once.A simple product description at first, but later a huge inspiration for our team. The core of this invention goes beyond physical connections, so we dig down to find an answer to the elemental, yet philosophical question: “What does it mean to be wireless?”The real challenge facing inventors and researchers nowadays is to transmit electricity wirelessly over long distances without the need for physical connections. Electrodis brings total wirelessness and is a unique form of a never-ending lifecycle. This brought us to the one and only everlasting source – Mother Nature and the jellyfish.


Together with Jenan we were looking to find a unique blend of tech & humanity for the brand, and to place the social impact the technology brings under the spotlight, rather than concentrate on the invention in its purest form.The “No strings attached” brand ideology was born with the huge potential to bond with the GenZ potential target audience, a generation that seeks maximum freedom and independence in life. This is a story about an opportunity that grants freedom, saves time, breaks limits, and brings comfort.  The pronunciation of the word Electrodis brings the syllable ‘ED’ to the forefront. Coupled with the jellyfish as a symbol of self-sufficient and sustainable living, they were graphically matched to bring the Electrodis symbol to life. Sharp lines, clear layouts, stylised iconography bring brutality and confidence, yet the tone of voice harmonises and brings a human touch to the brand. 

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