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Project Overview

DOC therapy bar is a retro-industrial style cafe in downtown Yerevan.


In 2019 a local high-end restaurateur approached us with the idea of opening a coffee spot in the heart of the city. The vision was to create a place where coffee connoisseurs and people who just like spending cosy time with a cup of good coffee will enjoy visiting.We dived into the magical world of coffee to create a unique story about and around it.What pops into your head when you think of coffee? Is it the first thing you want to see in the morning? Perhaps, you think of that friend with whom you enjoy sharing it, or the sleepless nights before exams? Is it just a source of caffeine or something more?In our day-to-day cosmopolitan life we use coffee as a remedy to revive the atmosphere of live interaction. In our story, this interpersonal exchange of emotions, words and thoughts over a cup of coffee creates a unique form of stress-relief therapy.


A complete experience, designed to provide you with the finest coffee, the best conversation, and the tastiest food. We believe that nicely brewed coffee can brighten even the gloomiest of your days. In DOC, coffee is prescribed to you based on your personal feelings and mood. Furthermore, baristas are always there to compose the right prescription. We explored this ritual, outlining its conceptual and visual form. While creating the brand identity we found our inspiration in vintage apothecary aesthetics. We were thrilled by images of old libraries, warm and woody interiors of 19th century, charming little bottles and vials. We went back in time and looked into certain colours, textures and vibes to find the connections to our desired aesthetics. We played it out in vintage pharmaceutical labeling and typographic style, warm colour scheme and design solutions that bring our story to life. We hope that the brand world we created will make you hear that gentle retro blues through which simple drink transforms into an “experience”.

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