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Project Overview

Darman is a line of organic products: whole leaf herbal teas and herbal blends collected from the ecologically cleanest regions of Armenia.


In 2014 we were approached by an eco-friendly tea manufacturer, specializing in herbal infusions, to create a brand name and visual identity and packaging, preparing the product for launch. The company sourced its teas from the most ecologically clean regions of Armenia, so naming and visual identity had to reflect the pureness, authenticity and restorative features of the product itself.Company was in search of an agency for a while and had unfortunate prior experience when it finally came to the creation of the name and identity that fully reflected their vision. That was some serious challenge for us, that had nothing less than our professional integrity at stake.Searching for a name, we spent a lot of time looking into the special nature of herbal teas: what distinguishes Armenian herbal mixtures, what are the cultural specifics and rituals of their consumption


We came to the conclusion that herbal tea drinking ritual is profoundly different and can be likened with the acts of meditation, self-exploration, self-healing, a natural detox. You don’t need company to enjoy your cup of healing tea, this ritual does not call for an audience, it requires silence and solitude. Calm yourself and let nature do its job.This is how DARMAN was born as a brand name. Translated from the old-Armenian, it means “cure”, “remedy”, “healing”, “medicine”. All that comes from nature, pure, authentic, healing. It is darman for our body and soul. There is an old saying in Armenian “ցավին դարման անես”, meaning “you are a cure to my pain”.But name alone was not enough. So along came the visual identity and packaging. We were inspired by the idea of 100% natural herbs and plants, untouched by anything artificial.Herbs are created by nature and nurtured by the sun, water, and the earth. We came up with the idea of alternative “natural” logotype, as if left to “the discretion of nature”: a D-shaped window in the bag/box, to be filled with flowers and leaves the drink contains.Packaging design, as the main touchpoint of the brand, is “made” of rocks and leaves. So even the packaging is in a way “part of nature”.In a very short time Darman became a synonym to pureness, authentic Armenian natural teas, a desirable gift from Armenia to beloved relatives and business partners. With this huge success, brand owners decided to expand the line of their products and the geography of export.Currently, you can purchase absolutely marvelous herbal and flower tea mixtures with rose, pomegranate, other fruits and flowers from Armenian land, as well as special tea collections. People turn to Darman for health and conversation. And if you would like to escape the busy city life and suddenly find yourself in the wonderful Tavush region, touch the soil from where it all started, Darman guest house is always happy to welcome, host and heal you.This is how a new brand identity sends the brand owners and consumers on a lifelong journeyCooperation was lasting and fruitful, leading to new packaging, as well as new product lines under the brand DARMAN.We hope that each time you pour yourself a cup of this wonderful tea, you’ll experience the full range of natural benefits as well as positive emotions grown in Armenian soil and bathed in Armenian sun. This is a true darman experience.

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