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Project Overview

Armenian State Symphony Orchestra (ASSO) was founded in 2005 by conductor Sergey Smbatyan, who is also its Artistic Director and Principal Conductor. Initially being founded as the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia (SYOA), the devotion of the young musicians led it to upgrade to a State Symphony Orchestra.


ASSO branding project requesting new brand ideology and visual identity was another step in our long lasting fruitful partnership with SYOA. With all possible inspiration, sense of responsibility and enthusiasm we started to shape this biography with a challenge to create a brand new story for our beloved and talented orchestra.This is one of those cases when it is essential for brand ideology to fully and utmost reflect the core values of brand owners otherwise it can never live long. We went on researching, listening, visiting rehearsals, concerts, implementing cabinet research of archive files, photos and audios.Features that always distinguished the ASSO and brought international reputation are orchestral virtuosity, the emotion, young spirit, determination, visionary talented people united around a true devoted leader sharing the same strive for success. All these makes the way they approach each concert, undertake innovative projects and implement with a signature ease and professionalism.Sergey Smbatyan was always the inspiration, the devoted keeper, the soul of the orchestra. His approach, personal qualities and kind heart reflected in high end professionalism always shaped the orchestra as a living creation.Driven by an unwavering belief in the power of music to heal, unite, and inspire he puts so much emotion into his conduction that each time reviewing the recordings we got the feeling he is about to fly, going up and down on his toes.


It was a state we all found ourselves in and should find a name for it. A state of body and soul energized with creative energy and higher values, to do something big, to fly high, find yourself in a world where everything stops for a minute, and there is nothing else that can bother you. It is a state when you find yourself in a state of levitation.Brand concept name “Classical Levitation” is a wordplay where classical has two conotations: the music genre itself and an exemplary standard of doing something.This finding led us to build the visual identity of the brand where ease and overcoming gravity were the cornerstones, and monochrome implementation were chosen to once again stress the pureness and the beauty of classical music. We came up with a dynamic logotype that reflected a spontaneous and unpredictable rise and hovers in the air affected by magical powers.We hope that each time you attend a musical feast performed by The Orchestra it will make you transcend the laws of the physical world, entering the state of classical levitation.

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