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Project Overview

AROOMA is a modern fragrance shoppe, that specializes in home and space perfumes. It offers
a range of products unified by a single distinctive
trait – they all smell amazing.


We were tasked with development of a concept for a store that would serve as a perfect frame for products that have the potential to overwhelm the senses. Keeping it insightful, visually simple, sophisticated and personal was the key requirement.


The name AROOMA was born as a cheeky wordplay, uniting “aroma” and “room”, playing perfectly into the product to be sold at the store.The concept itself was built around the idea of personalization of a room. Making a statement with a fragrance, writing your name on the walls with a smell that’s unique to you, your nature, even your current mood. We quietly urge everyone to “Address the space” and make it their own with their signature AROOMA.

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