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Project Overview

ALUDEL is a house of perfume, founded in 2020. The brand specializes in creating unique, artisanal fragrances inspired by history and alchemy.


The challenge of this project was the creation of a brand for a modern perfume house, whose fragrances would be deeply rooted in history and Arabic perfume-making traditions. Telling a timeless story, a universal, everlasting beautiful tale of a scent and how important it can be, but bringing it over to the 21st century with elevated and elegant design.


In our search for the essence of the scent, we were inspired by Arabic alchemists of old. Those who, like us, looked to transform and crystalize meaning, distill and preserve the spirit of elements. We named the brand after a distillation device used by alchemists to purify and concentrate substances. We built a concept around the journey of discovery and how a scent is as personal, complex and layered as truth itself. Searching for it, uncovering it, being faithful to it is a mark of wisdom and sophistication. Just like a signature fragrance, once you find your truth, you are complete. 

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