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Project Overview

Globbing, an online shopping platform in Armenia, developed a new product offering aimed to simplify user experiences through a one-click shopping solution while retaining the essence of cross-border shopping.


The challenge was to craft a fresh sub-brand that harmonizes the standalone nature of the new product with the ethos of the parent brand. It needed to embody the vibrancy and simplicity evident in Globing’s mascot, George the Giraffe while amplifying the fun and easy-going character even further to capture the excitement of a one-click shopping experience.


One-click shopping is about speed and ease, but we wanted our brand to stand for more. So, we created ‘Ably,’ embodying agility, trustworthiness, and capability—captured in its name. To complement the existing mascot, George the Giraffe, we drew inspiration from birds, known for their beneficial bond with giraffes. Ably became a vibrant addition, radiating an easy-going personality that mirrors our product’s effortless nature. Strategically, ‘Ably’ was chosen with an eye on the future, potentially evolving into an online shopping assistant, much like Amazon’s Alexa. This approach aimed to blend the established brand’s essence with the excitement and agility of the new one-click shopping experience, merging the best of both worlds.

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