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Project Overview

24/04 World Orchestra is a unique pan-Armenian cultural project that brings together musicians from all over the world and has a mission to attract the attention of humanity to the issue of recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide and preventing future crimes on ethnic grounds through promotion of diversity and harmony of different cultures.


Orchestra was created on the centenary of the Armenian Genocide of 1915, commemorated on 24 April 2015. We were honored and proud to be the storytellers of this big initiative that belongs to Sergey Smbatyan, the founder, artistic director and principal conductor of the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia, now known as Armenian State Symphony Orchestra.


This is a project that concerns every single Armenian, including each member of our team. So our challenge was to create a storytelling and visual identity that will encourage people to never ever silently conform to the crimes committed against humanity. If certain people create weapons to destroy, many talented people have put their lives to create music as one of the highest forms of art to cure, bring happiness and joy. We confronted the music as a cultural weapon of mass creation to weapons of mass destruction. But the music itself could not break through the dark, it needed devoted ambassadors, people enlightened with a good purpose, a big mission to spread humanity and human values. Missionaries of Enlightenment, that’s how we named all those talented and devoted musicians and initiative leaders that got together to carry this idea to the world. They speak on behalf of a new generation: a generation of leaders, creators, and innovators, awaken the minds and the souls of people worldwide. Orchestra is planning to start a world tour from Yerevan, Armenia, and continue to the leading countries, which have not recognized the Armenian Genocide yet, perform for various nations and make voices of all of us heard: no nation on our planet should be forced to see massacres, war or violence. The logotype became the keeper of this brand idea. Our art team did their best to tell the history of the XX century through musical symbols integrated into figures: a black spot is a period in history when the crime against humanity was committed, then came a decade of silence and denying the crimes depicted in the pause sign, and the forte sign, to indicate that it is time to raise our voices in defense of justice. This idea of music confronting the destructive weapons was gently incorporated into communication materials where a variety of weapons turned into musical instruments were visualized, symbolizing the prevention of violence through the healing power of music.

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