24/04 World Orchestra

The brand

24/04 Orchestra was created on the centenary of the Armenian Genocide of 1915, commemorated on 24 April 2015. It’s a unique pan-Armenian cultural project that brings together musicians from all over the world and has a mission to attract the attention of humanity to the issue of recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide and preventing future crimes on ethnic grounds through promotion of diversity and harmony of different cultures.

What was created

brand platform, brand visual concept.

The project

The main idea Maeutica put in the basis of the brand platform was the use of music as a cultural “weapon of mass development.” This orchestra became the missionary, carrying this idea to the world. In the communication materials a variety of weapons turned into musical instruments were visualized, symbolizing the prevention of violence through the healing power of music. The logo of the orchestra was in fact the history of the XX century, told through musical symbols integrated into figures: black spot is a period in history when the crime against humanity was committed, then came decade of silence and denying the crimes depicted in the pause sign, and the forte sign, to indicate that it is time to raise our voices in defense of justice.