WCIT 2019



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Project Overview

WCIT is the signature event of the World Information Technology & Services Alliance (WITSA), a consortium of ICT associations from 83 countries, representing 90% of the ICT industry. In 2019, Yerevan (Armenia) was selected as a host for this major IT conference.


Even though Armenia has been a part of the world IT scene for decades, it was the first time it got a chance to host an IT event of such scale. It was our task to develop an event concept that would highlight Armenia as a destination and a center for IT, promote WITSA’s vision, be emotional, intelligent, unique and universally attractive for sponsors, speakers and participants alike.


At the time of the event, the idea of decentralization was getting traction and we used it as a stepping stone to raise an important question “Where is the center and who decides who’s in it?”. The future is within our grasp and anyone who has answers should have the opportunity to be heard. We suggested that the whole idea of “a tech center” should be reimagined.  The idea of rethinking the center resonated with many people. The concept and its visualization ended up being very current, easily accepted and loved. It broke the traditions of tech event branding, made it a lot more human, emotional, beautiful in its simplicity. For the duration of the event, we truly moved “the center” to Yerevan. 

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