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Project Overview

Amper is a unique new destination nestled in the natural beauty of Dilijan, offering an immersive cultural experience. Functioning as a self-sustaining neighborhood, it boasts a rich array of infrastructures and opportunities for artistic expression, ranging from culinary delights to music and photography. Situated on the hills of Takhta settlement, Amper aims to elevate Dilijan’s profile in the realm of creative tourism, presenting its culturally significant history in an engaging light for both locals and global visitors.


Predictions suggest Dilijan will see a surge in visitors within the next five years, leading to concerns about overcrowding and overconsumption of its attractions. New offerings that can change the predefined growth trajectory and attract new profile of tourists should provide a unique cultural narrative that appeals to modern travelers seeking authentic experiences. Extensive research, including anthropological, social and historical analysis and input from various experts, guided the strategic concept development of Amper.


Through extensive research tailored to grasp the essence of Dilijan and the Takhta region from both institutional and human perspectives, Amper emerged as a visionary concept. It represents a sustainable hybrid ecosystem, seamlessly blending natural and human-made experiences to fulfill the desires of local creatives and the expectations of modern tourists.

preservatives. The apple, symbolizing love and the company’s first produce, was chosen to reimagine the essence of fresh produce beyond mere produce. reFEEL Stations – freshly squeezed juice machines – appeared in city streets and malls, promoting the ‘ME-TIME’ ideology. Gift baskets with fresh apple produce became a symbol of genuine love and care. The strategic restructuring organized the extensive product lines and paved the way for future initiatives. The brand architecture harmonized the mother brand while granting distinct identities to separate business ventures on shelves and in consumers’ hearts. “When you love someone, give them apples” became the guiding principle across all brand activities and initiatives.

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