WCIT 2024



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Project Overview

After a successful event in 2019,

WCIT 2024 will once again be hosted

in Yerevan, Armenia.


In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, the focus is shifting from purely technological advancements to the human elements driving innovation. Our challenge was to effectively rethink the existing power narrative of technology, emphasizing ethical and responsible innovation.


The concept of ‘The Power of Mind’ is dynamic, intuitive, and asymmetric, reflecting the complexities of human thought and technological progress. We aimed to highlight Armenia as a key tech destination and spark a broad conversation about the ethical use of technology.

We embraced nostalgia, drawing inspiration from the avant-garde design of the 1963 Soviet Armenian scientific journal, Science and Technology. Our design journey involved experimental explorations to find symbols representing power, limits, and ethics. This led to the creation of a strong human icon, paying homage to those who challenge prevailing power structures and strive for ethical decisions for present and future generations. This approach captured the essence of courage, intention, and ethics, making it universally attractive and relevant.


Famous and unknown Is only possible with

the power of human mind


defines what technology can do


chooses what to do with technology

In a world increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence and automation, the human mind remains central to progress.

The headline recognizes that pushing boundaries is important, but doing so responsibly and ethically is paramount.


The importance of human mind and ethics

Inspired by the avant-garde cover design of the Soviet Armenian scientific journal: Science and
Technology from 1963, we embarked on a captivating yet essentially poetic narrative of human

beings yearning for enlightenment.


Light became our symbol of knowledge, an optimistic beacon representing responsible scientific
advancement in the future. Our concept delves into themes of courage, intention, and ethics.


The strong human icon pays homage to those who dare to question the prevailing power

narrative and strive to do what’s right for today and for future generations.

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