O4 Green Urban Hub



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Project Overview

The Circular Park (Oghakadzev Aygi) was designed by Yerevan’s master architect Al. Tamanyan, aimed to transform the city into a garden paradise through its functionality and beauty. However, post-Soviet changes left the park neglected, disrupting its natural charm and human face. The area, especially segment #4, lost its vitality,


Extensive research, involving various stakeholders— city administration, experts, locals, and expats—was pivotal. This inclusive analysis guided the project, integrating anthropological and historical perspectives. The goal was to breathe life back into #4, once a vibrant cultural hub for thinkers, artists, and enthusiasts of chess,


The rejuvenated O4, unlike other parts of the Park, transcends being a mere green space. It’s envisioned as a social nucleus, embodying a green mindset that unites generations. This space prioritizes creativity, social engagement, and learning—offering diverse activities catering to urban lifestyles. The approach cleverly merges modern amenities with the area’s historical and cultural essence, showcasing a revitalized public space model. The core values of Play, Think, Exchange, and Create drive its development, catering to various needs from relaxation to collaborative work, fostering a harmonious blend of the past and the present. The concept itself showcases a fresh insight into a public green space revival initiative for Yerevan.

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