Moscow 870



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Project Overview

In 2017, we were approached by the Moscow City Government with an exciting task to develop an event brand for the 870th anniversary of the city. An extended event, celebrating yet another milestone in an old yet modern city of Moscow.


The challenge was to honor the rich, multilayered history and people of the city throughout its long and turbulent life. Tell a story that will cause a celebration. Build recognizable visual identity, capable of showcasing quintessential Moscow style and adapt it to multitude of digital and physical carriers spread across the city.


Our study of visual codes for Moscow zoomed us on constructivism and the Russian avant-garde, Russia’s significant contribution to world culture. The inspiration for final visual identity was found in a series of ornamental prints by Soviet artists from the 1920s. As a result, we developed a group of patterns, colors and shapes that weave the mood, the language, and the story of the city. The verbal narrative was built around the concept of Moscow as a “City where history is made”, merging the past and the present, the heritage and the progress. On its 870th birthday, Moscow got a festive, colorful, happy yet respectable overdo. After public’s positive feedback, the city made a decision to celebrate 871st and 872nd anniversaries within the same concept.

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