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Project Overview

“HayPost” is Armenia’s national postal operator that provides a range of postal services locally and internationally. Established more than 100 years ago, it has a long history that reflects the country’s political and economic changes. In recent years a lot has been done to modernize and improve the efficiency of its operation, including upgrading its logistical capabilities, introducing new technologies, and expanding its range of services.


As of today, Haypost is no longer simply delivering mail. It’s an entire international ecosystem of postal services. The company aspires to remain the region’s biggest, most trusted postal operator. This raised the necessity of a rebranding that would update their visual identity, corporate
vision and communication strategy, bringing them closer to their clients and their long term goals as a company.


For Armenians Haypost is not just another company. It’s a part of everyone’s life, quintessentially “ours”. We have conducted an extensive international case study, decoding the idea of “postal services” worldwide, and while the codes have similarities across countries, we have concluded that in Armenia specifically they are tied to the most essential cultural necessity: connection and availability. This is how our concept of “Your people everywhere” was born. It became the driving force behind Haypost’s new people-centric, highly scalable communication strategy. It’s a very personal message. A promise to put you first, care about you, and ultimately connect you to the whole world.

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