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Project Overview

Established in 1910 as a branch of Caucasian Trade Bank and renamed in 2007, Ameriabank is
one of the largest and most prominent financial institutions in Armenia, providing a wide range of banking services. Ameriabank has been known for its efforts in modernizing and expanding its services, including its pioneer efforts in adoption of digital banking technologies in the region.


Ameria was going through a transformation from strictly investment to universal banking, becoming more public and more digital. These two main topics of transformation had to be directed via rebranding, that would rehaul the bank’s brand architecture and communications, while keeping the narrative close to its tradition of trusted and upscale banking services


We started by infusing inclusivity into tradition, drawing from Ameria’s historical values to engage loyal customers. Ameria’s distinctive approach – precise, aesthetic, and purposeful – transcended its team to embrace all who chose them. We coined it “Beautiful Finance” for those who admire the beauty and precision of banking.

Additionally, we proposed a new brand structure: A-Space, a dynamic, innovative digital sub-brand for tech-savvy youth, while Ameria retained its legacy as a premium, traditional yet modern banking provider.

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