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Project Overview

Burmunk perfumery chain is the pioneer in Armenian market to represent high-end niche perfumery brands in Yerevan. For many locals it has become the synonym of discovery, experience and unique journey into the world of beauty products. As time went on the brand started to lose the initial authority and fresh identity.


In 2017 our agency was approached by the Nushikyan Association with requests of repositioning and restyling of the existing Burmunk brand. The business challenge was to maintain existing customers’ loyalty and engage the younger generation female consumers, by involving modern, democratic, lifestyle brands. The brand challenge was to create a new ideology and identity to become appealing for these different target audiences combined under one roof.Challenge accepted and we gave a start to a new aromatic, charming and playful story. With the history and heritage behind, however, the brand was losing its leading position in new customer engagement due to its low level of appeal and an absence of a story to tell.For the start we went to explore the local market, overall communication environment we deal with, as well as beauty products consumption behavior in the local market. Analysis pointed out clear positioning segmentation for local brands as stores that link the customer with international brands, rather than a place where the consumer is engaged in a unique experience. We needed a story about and around a beautiful experience. So we went on researching. The use of fragrances and care products has a long history and has had different meanings at different times, transforming from the purpose of scaring the evil spirits to a tendency to emphasize morality. With time the use of fragrances and cosmetics has acquired a symbolic meaning and is still a means of expressing belonging to a certain class, subculture, worldview.


Cosmetics and perfumes shopping experience, either for you or as a gift, is always some kind of a small ritual with its specific rules, procedures and ceremonies.Inspired by charming rituals of self-care and culture of gift presenting, we came up with a brand ideology that is very interactive, flexible, and puts the customer in the centre. We imagine Burmunk as a place where you find your secret self and share your dignified desires, where there is no need to hide but be the one you want to be. Discover the wish and make it real, create the beauty and make it unique is what is set as the great purpose. This is the place, where the person matters, where one can fully trust the ones who grant you moments of feast and a real pleasureTo make the story seen we used the same tools beauty experts do for a person’s beautification. So we took our story as our canvas, stocked with brushes and cosmetics and started to draw, draw, draw. As a result, we created a visual identity that conveys a personal touch, gives a wide variety of selection and personalization opportunities to the customer. Patterns and textures formed the wide palette of packaging tools customizable for each and every occasion, gift giver or receiver. With this variety each user can select his\her own special packaging composition to create a signature style of gift givingWe hope that each interaction with Burmunk is a special ceremony, where you get a piece of new knowledge, new experiences, find your own scent, colour, structure.

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