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Project Overview

Since 2005, Digitec Expo has stood as the region’s largest
annual technology event, drawing over 100 exhibitors and
tens of thousands of attendees from B2B, government,
education, and B2C sectors. It’s celebrated as a vibrant tech
gathering in Armenia.


Global tech events are key platforms for countries to assert their prowess and position themselves on the world stage. The challenge lay in reshaping Digitec Expo to transcend its local roots and become an internationally significant stage.


Digitec has transformed from an event to a mission, serving as the nucleus for Armenian Tech and showcasing its enterprises. Building on the concept of ‘The Other Center’ from WCIT2019, Digitec Summit emerged as the new global meeting point for emerging tech nations. The strategic shift involved rebranding from Digitec Expo to Digitec Summit while keeping the former as a supplementary expo component. Digitec Summit is now the “Center for Ambitious Tech,” where nations collaborate and innovate. This transformation infused the event with a blend of tech and jazz, likening Digitec to a stage where experts improvise collectively, much like jazz musicians shaping a better future. The rallying call “Let’s Jazz it up!” encourages a continuous reevaluation
of ongoing developments and a commitment to innovation.

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