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Project Overview

Adelie & the Stone gift and flowers shop is a desired destination for people who are looking for unique, personalized, and meaningful gifts.


When choosing a present for our loved ones, friends or colleagues, we usually think of what he or she likes, what we ourselves would like to get as a gift, how it will be received, what’s trending… there’s a lot of questions to ask, things to see and places to visit before we make our final choice. This led us to an idea of a gift shop concept that would make the whole story: from buying a present to the moment it’s unwrapped, beautiful, and inspiring.


In 2016 we were approached with a business idea to create a unique gift shop in Yerevan, where the experience of choosing and buying a gift would be as special as the gift itself.  The vision was to create a place where everyone can get unique and personalized gift sets for any occasion: birthdays, new years, anniversaries, any other event that calls for something a little extra. We found our inspiration in the Adelie penguin species’ love confession ritual, during which, male penguins present a carefully selected stone to the female of their choice as a symbol of love and their future “home”. And so “Adelie & the Stone” was born. Here, each present, be it a flower or a travel set, is meant to serve as a foundation for something bigger. It becomes the beginning of a new story, one that makes life more beautiful, inspiring, and unforgettable. The idea opened up in composite gift sets, consisting of “foundation stones” for every occasion: cooking, travel, housewarming, Christmas, etc. Our penguin love story continued in the brand’s visual concept. Every gift is accompanied by an adorable drawing and a personalized handwritten note that describes the gift. Boxes can transform to fit different hand-picked items. An “Adelie & the Stone” showroom was first set in a popular shopping center and, later, a small shop opened in downtown Yerevan, Armenia. It gradually transformed into a special “mood service” that offers a range of interesting experiences: from gifts and flowers to interior solutions.

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