Extra Virgin



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Project Overview

Extra Virgin is an authentic Tuscan restaurant in Yerevan, known for its distinctive culinary offerings. Playful, somewhat hidden and highly atmospheric, the restaurant emphasizes fresh, simple ingredients, traditional Italian cuisine and relaxed Mediterranean ambiance.


We were tasked with the development of a concept for an authentic Tuscan restaurant in the heart of Yerevan. The location of the restaurant was somewhat secluded, yet accessible from a busy Saryan street, filled to the brim with restaurants and cafes. This place was supposed to be the hidden gem of the street, for those who “know”.


To contrast the business of the downtown and use the location of the restaurant to its advantage we turned to the truly Italian idea of “dolce far niente” (the sweetness of doing nothing). A way of life or a way to find yourself in a moment, away from the noise, slow, secluded and utterly delightful. The concept became alive in the restaurant’s menu, interiors, social media communications and name –  “Extra Virgin”, personified by Virgin Virginia and three Graces. “Extra Virgin” combines the traditional Italian art and architecture, playfulness of the experience with raw culinary traditions of Tuscany. Everything here is extra but nothing is too much, because it is pure and intimate.

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