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Project Overview

Homz Mall is one of the most impressive shopping centers in Kuwait, being the only destination that addresses all home-related needs complemented with a large variety of restaurants, cafes and family entertainment.


The main challenge of the project was to create a positioning for a newly built huge shopping center that specializes in home decor and appliances, located in the center of a district famous for these types of stores and businesses in Kuwait.


We started by diving deep and deconstructing the cultural perception of a “home”, trying to understand what significance do locals historically put in comfort and personal space. This research paved the way to our “when house becomes a home” concept and the name of the center – HOMZ. Communications, both visual and verbal, were designed to highlight the idea that a house becomes a home when you pour your heart in it. Whatever you choose to put in your home, are more than just objects, but a true extension of yourself. So choose carefully and do it somewhere where you’ll have all the options available.

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