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Project Overview

Group of Companies


In 2018 our agency was approached by Galaxy Concern, a well-established, successful investor and owner of more than 15 large businesses in different markets: IT, retail, entertainment, etc. The task was to completely reimagine and rebrand the company to meet modern demands in HR, B2B, and PR. To build a new ideology, unite the multiple business-divisions and give its employees a sense of belonging and purpose. Additionally, the goal was to make the company attractive and recognizable to potential recruits, business partners, media, and the general public.Following the breadcrumb trail discovered in extensive interviews, strat sessions, and analyses of corporate communications, we came to the realization that each and every business supported/created by Galaxy Concern is, at its core, human-centric, designed to improve lives and that is the main idea that has to be conveyed to everyone within and outside of the company.


All these people working together to make the world a better place had to be reminded of their worth, their input, and the importance of cooperation and mutual respect. They were individuals, but they were also a TEAM, working on something bigger than personal ambitions and capacity, working on a MISSION. Through hardship and discord, doubts and dreams, they were reaching for the stars only to bring them back and share with the people. This was their MISSION TO EARTH. And PEOPLE were in the center of their GALAXY.This idea found its visualization in the concept of “a pale blue dot”: a photograph of Earth taken by the Voyager in 1990, just before it left the Solar System. That small light spec against the vast nothingness of Space was our Home. It was everything: the focus, the center, the target. Something to always keep in our sight, hearts, and minds. A single blue dot that opened up into a world of minimalistic yet meaningful design solutions. 

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