Papa Gyros

The brand

PaPa Gyros company asked our agency to develop a brand identity for their fast food chain in Russia.

What was created

Brand platform, brand visual concept, corporate style and interior branding.

The project

While keeping the existing naming, the agency was tasked to create a fresh brand image. The statement the company makes is that despite the diffused opinion, fast food can be healthy as well. Maeutica came up with «Perfect Arithmetic» platform, derived from the idea, that all the products offered by PaPa Gyros are made in accordance to a special formula containing the optimum ratio of the ingredients and flavors.. The naming itself was turned into a formula: «Pa + Pa = Gyros», with the first “PA” – an abbreviation for the phrase «perfect arithmetic», expressing the optimum ratio of the ingredients and flavor properties, and the second “PA” being “powerful appetite.” The concept allowed us to dissociate the naming from a person, and with the brand new visual concept, featuring images of fresh products and illustrating the idea of the healthy formula, reflected in the interior of the restaurants, we were able to completely change the perception of PaPa Gyros brand. The customers now see not just a fast-food chain, personified by a male character, but a restaurant serving fresh and healthy food of high quality, awakening the appetite.