Cinema Star

The brand

Maeutica is the official creative agency of the international network of cinemas “Cinema Star” in Armenia.

What was created

brand launch and teasing campaign creative concept, brand communication strategy, opening event organization and conduction services, brand management, promo materials adaptation, design of POS materials, as well as development of creative concept and management of themed events (premieres and holidays).

The project

In the scope of cooperation Maeutica has developed “The Big movie in the City” concept based on the idea of the leading blockbusters appearing in the cinemas of Yerevan. Visually, the concept was embodied in the images of the heroes of the famous film, peeping from behind a cinema screen. We have carried out a large-scale teasing campaign, performing the adaptation of the brand for HoReCa (restaurants, cafes and hotels), as well as billboards, shop windows, signs, and other information media, internal and external advertising. And then we organized and held the grand opening event of the cinema. To support the brand management, we developed creative concepts of brand promotion.