The brand: Businessman Gregory Berenstein, the former owner of ISP NetByNet, which was sold in 2011 for $ 270 million to “Megafon” company, together with businessman Vadim Kurin turned to our agency with a number of tasks related to the branding of their new investment company – Zoom Capital.

What was created: brand platform and visual concept, corporate style.

The project: To emphasize the idea that the main mission of Zoom Capital is the birth and development of innovative projects around the world, for its brand platform we chose the image of a wise mentor, a true creator and extraordinary thinker, who exudes confidence and charisma, and is willing to invest all his intellectual and financial capital in business.

For the visualization the images of young King Arthur and his advisor, magician Merlin were used. Creating a corporate brand identity, the Maeutica has developed the logo and corporate identity, reflecting the merger of the two forces – the teacher and the student – which embody the bright palette of knowledge, capacity and joint aspirations. Using oil paints brought creative energy into the perception of the brand, and stressed the strong brand identity and uniqueness of Zoom Capital and business decisions offered by the company.

Billboard design sample

Digital branding sample

Poster design sample

Business card design

Interior branding sample