The brand: In 2012, UNESCO awarded Yerevan the status of “World Book Capital”. To celebrate this honorary title Armenia has scheduled a series of themed events. Maeutica was tasked with developing the brand platform of “Yerevan – World Book Capital 2012”, as well as the visual concept for the subsequent design and production of souvenirs and printed materials.

What was created: brand platform and visual concept, as well as provision of event management services, PR-support and online promotion of the project.

The project: “12” became a symbolic number and the basis for the brand concept: 2012 is the year of the events in Armenia, Yerevan is the 12th “Book Capital” since the launch of the UNESCO project in the world and, at the same time, Yerevan is the 12th capital of Armenia.

The choice of  “numeric” concept offered the opportunity to emphasize the features of the Armenian numeral system, which is based on the capital letters of the Armenian alphabet. Logo of the event was a letter «JB», equal to the number 12. To provide diversification and flexibility in the use of the logo, it was decided to develop two versions of its writing. The first logo was designed in a contemporary style, and the second – stylized ancient writing, which the designers of Maeutica created based on traditional forms of Armenian calligraphy.

Business card design concept

Souvenirs samples

Notepad design concept
Souvenir sample