The brand: The Union of Information Technology Enterprises of Armenia (UITE) – it is a business association representing the interests of companies, specializing in the field of information and communication technologies.

What was created: brand platform, visual concept, brand corporate style and communication strategy.

The project: Within the framework of the rebranding of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises Maeutica developed the concept of “Inspiring DNA.”

This concept is based on the idea of the innovative future of Armenia, encoded in the DNA structure of UITE, a bright, dynamic brand that “is easily inspired and inspires others by passing the code of success to future generations,” a brand, “which knows that only those who are not afraid to dream and believe in their dreams can win.” The main idea of the brand is clearly reflected in its visual concept, in the logo and corporate style, which mimic the structure of DNA and demonstrate all the diversity of the UITE projects.