The brand: The Russian company Launch Gurus – is a new wide scale project, aimed at supporting entrepreneurship, launching startups and investing in innovative technologies.

What was created: Brand platform, brand visual concept, corporate identity.

The project: Maeutica generated the “Mapping Success” concept which became the basis for the brand platform. The key advantage of Launch Gurus is that they know the answers to «what (to develop)?» and «how (to do that)?», that’s to say the copany has the code of success.

The “cosmic” character of visualization emphasizes the activity scope of the Launch Gurus – innovative technologies, as well as refers to the solar system, where the combination of cosmic objects surrounding the central star. The elements of mapping and sketchyness in accordance to the “Mapping success” concept are also present in the logo and other attributes of the corporate style.

Logo embossing sample

Business card design sample

Corporate identity design

Folder design sample

Corporate identity design