The brand: IAB Company, established as “International Accountancy and Business”, decided to undergo rebranding to enhance its corporate identity and make it more expressive, at the same time maintaining its popularity and recognizability of the brand.

What was created: brand platform, naming, brand visual concept, copywriting, communication strategy and supporting materials.

The project: Our main task was building a brand that combines three areas of IAB activities: center of foreign languages, international qualification courses and business consulting.

As a result we decided to take the “knowledge” – the key component of the IAB activities – as the basis for the design of the brand platform: knowledge as the engine of change and IAB as a mediator of knowledge. Along with the brand platform a new definition for the IAB abbreviations was elaborated: International Academy of Business, which better reflects the company’s activities at the moment,  and allows keeping the company abbreviation unchanged and recognizable. The idea of ​​transformation was reflected in the slogans of sub-brands, as well as new visual brand identity – the logo and corporate identity.