The brand: A chain of fast-food restaurants in Russia, emphasizing the traditions of Russian national cuisine.

What was created: naming, brand platform, brand visual concept, packaging design, interior and exterior design.

The project: The main idea of the brand platform elaborated by Maeutica is the ability to find the most important thing for yourself and devote your time to it in a special place, where everyone finds what he/she is looking for: a combination of flavors of freshness and health, flavor returning you to your  childhood, the special atmosphere of caring and warmth, the sweetness of the moment, the traditions of the national cuisine.

The idea of ​​the main (“glavnoe” in Russian), freely unfurls in any specialized project of the chain – eco-food format (most importantly – useful), confectionary (most importantly – sweet), To Go (most importantly – convenient), etc. The painted wooden spoons, the symbol of Russian national cuisine,  are the key element of the brand’s visual concept. The painted patterns of each of the stylized spoons reflect the main message of the brand – with love, tasty, fast. This element is reflected in the interior design, packaging design, navigation system and other communication materials.