The brand: Dalma is the first shopping and entertaining center in Armenia, which was opened in the autumn of 2012. Construction work began in 2009, the same year the company offered our agency to develop a comprehensive project for the brand, including the definition of brand idea, naming, design and concept of communications, as well as the principles of their use in interior and exterior.

What was created: brand platform, naming, corporate identity, navigation, interior and exterior branding.

The project: The established name of the territory on which the center was built – Dalma Gardens – became the basis for naming and logo. Maeutica conducted a research of consumer preferences and suggested to use the word “mall” in the naming of the center. The visual concept of the brand and the design of the navigation system were based on the key associations with the shopping. Agency specialists developed the corporate style, a few dozen branded patterns, a large number of souvenirs and other brand media.


Billboard design sample

Corporate identity items

Screensaver sample

Business card design

Souvenirs samples