The brand: The dry cleaning chain Caritta has been in the Russian market since 2004 and is one of the leading representatives of the industry. In 2013, the company turned to our agency to for re-branding.

What was created: Brand platform, brand visual concept, corporate identity, interior and exterior branding

The project: After a thorough analysis of the brand and the competitive environment, the Maeutica team identified opportunities for repositioning the brand in the market, developed a brand platform and created a new visual identity.

To emphasize the high quality of service of the company as the main distinguishing feature of the brand, we proposed the concept of “Practical Magic.” The key idea of ​​the concept was that Caritta has incredible, “magical” ability to clean clothes. The company’s slogan says: “We appear where you look for the magic.” The new logo also speaks for itself: it is a clean letter “C” – the first letter of the company name – on bright color spot, marking the indisputable victory over  any kind of dirt.



Billboard design sample

Label design




Corporate identity item

Souvenir design sample

Poster design sample