The brand: Over the years of successful work it has achieved significant business results. However, due to the lack of a strong brand identity, monolithic brand platform and active strategic communications company was not stand out clearly enough from its competitors in the securities market.

What was created:  brand platform, brand visual concept, corporate style.

The project: After performing a communication audit and competitive environment analysis, Maeutica suggested capital Asset Management to conduct brand reposition.

The updated brand platform was based on values such as commitment, responsibility and flexibility. According to the new profile, the company appeared before the customers and the professional community  as “charismatic and decisive leader who knows his business and is confident in its success.”  The visual concept, logo and corporate identity symbolized “a strong army, joint by will to victory.” Corporate brand colors were semantically consistent with the image of a “strong, confident and highly qualified specialist.”

Business card design

Notepad design sample

Booklet design sample

Poster design sample

Logo embossing sample