The brand: Ardshinbank is one of the oldest banks in Armenia. In 2013, Maeutica implemented a project of its rebranding.

What was created: brand platform, brand communication strategy, interior and exterior branding, brand management.

The project: Years of experience and permanent striving for development along with the changing world – these are the distinguishing features of Ardshinbank.

Corporate spirit and culture of service embody high professionalism, adherence to traditions and energy of change.

All of this was reflected in the new brand identity, which was developed by Maeutica team. We suggested Ardshinbank to build a new brand platform based on the idea of high-quality services provided by the bank. The visual concept was born out of a sense of the dynamics occurring in the form of two parallel lines of Ardshinbank logo’s two lines that embody the spirit of cooperation and deliberate movement of the target in a constantly changing world.


Billboard design sample

Business card design

Poster design sample

T-shirt design

Logo embossing sample

Poster design

Poster design

Poster design

Poster design